Business Services

Whether you are a new business or already have one in operation it is imperative that you stay current on all of your tax responsibilities. There are many business tax returns that must be prepared as well as taxes that must be paid in order to keep your business in compliance with the different government agencies. Together we can help you make sure that all of your responsibilities are met in a timely manner.

Business Start-Up

One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your business is deciding what type of business entity you will be classified as. The most common ones are Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, S Corporations, Corporations, and LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations). Each one of them has their pros and cons and is each taxed in a different way. Together we can go through each of them and decide which one will be the right fit for you.

Corporate Tax

If you have a Corporation you are required to file a Corporation tax return each year. This return is in addition to any personal tax return you are required to file.

Sales Tax 

If your business collects money from sales you may be required to collect sales tax.Depending on the amount of sales you have you will be required to either file an annual or quarterly Sales Tax return.

Payroll Taxes

Keeping track of your payroll can be a very confusing and time consuming matter. There are different taxes that must be withheld and forms to be filed with both the Federal and State governments.

Bookkeeping Services 

The key to a healthy business is an accurate record of all of your business transactions. With proper bookkeeping you can be assured that all of your tax filings will be prepared with accuracy.

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