Income Tax Services

Preparing your Income taxes can be a stressful experience that often leaves you feeling confused. Every year the tax laws change and become more complex making filing a "simple" tax return more complicated than ever before. There are many credits and deductions that can be easily missed if you do not know to look for them. 

We prepare all types of tax returns including personal returns, small business returns, partnership returns, as well as, all types of corporate returns. Our goal is to limit your tax liability while maximizing your refunds. All returns are filed electronically and we can prepare tax returns for all 50 states. Whatever your residency or tax situation we can help. You do not even have to come in to our office for us to prepare your return, many of our clients live thousands of miles away. We also prepare prior year returns going as far back as 15 years. Not only can we prepare your taxes but we can also represent you before the IRS if you get audited.

Before we get started with your tax return, we provide you with our Client Checklist to make sure we have all the necessary documents to properly file your return.

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